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I want people from around the world to know about this film and about Bengali history and culture.

Goal Kolkata

A Great Football Rivalry
One of the greatest, and most overlooked, football rivalries in the world takes place in Calcutta (Kolkata) India between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal.  The two teams play each other in the 120,000 capacity Salt Lake Stadium with an intensity that is unmatched anywhere in the world. This sixty-minute documentary film will take a close-up look at the remarkable story of these two teams by following the players, team officials, and the fans as they prepare for one of their epic games. 
While learning about football in India the film will also explore Indian and Bengali history.   The history of these two teams and the history of Bengal are inseparable.  When Mohun Bagan beat a British regimental team in 1911, they helped push the Indian freedom movement forward.    When India gained its freedom in 1947 and Bengal was partitioned, it had a profound impact on Calcutta and the East Bengal Football Club.  
Calcutta is a dynamic metropolis where history, culture and football converge.  This documentary film will explore the depth of passion that has sustained this rivalry for close to one hundred years.  I want people in other parts of the world to experience part of what I have experienced - the passion for these two teams that have been such an important part of Bengali history. 
- Kelly Candaele

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We have worked on this film for close to two years.  Along the way I received help from many Bengalis who took the time to support us and even opened their homes to us.  I wanted to thank everyone who helped make this film possible.     - Kelly Candaele -  

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